Every Thursday night I am on Blog Talk Radio via Journey into the Light radio show at 7 pm (EST) performing FREE psychic readings.  The call in number for the show is 347-884-8245, press 1 on your phone to be immediately placed in the cue for a FREE reading.  Please add Michael to your face book!

Michael and I talk about different things each week. We have a good time just having a good old conversation.   We love to laugh and have a great time. 

We also do a round table which is 2 or more psychics giving readings.  The only thing we ask is try to donate money to Michael's  "Love in Action mission".  Michael is a very giving soul who tries to help the homeless. Think of it this way..that homeless person could be your family member or a friend. When Mike gives gifts to these homeless men and women he takes time to talk to them and the story of how they got there.  

If you donate 25.00 to the mission you get a 10 minute reading. If you could donate more that would be GREAT!!  I say if you donate 5 dollars it's something!!!!!! 5 dollars could get that person a hot meal!. Think about it.....

Journey into the light radio.org

Appearing on Leo Bonomo Sept 20, 2017 from 5 to 7 eastern time on Paramania radio. 

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​How did you hear about me?

​If you heard about me from Journey into the light I will be donating a percentage to help the homeless. If you pay for a reading let me know so I can give back also. :)