Psychic little T

Little T helped me get closer with my mom. She knew things no one knew. My sister called in the middle of my reading with she started to give my sister a reading when she got to my house. When I told my brother about the reading he asked why he wasn't invited. Little T than asked to go into my sons room. She picked up on my  husband's father.

Heather in Pa

I had the privilege of being read by Little T today. Her lightheartedness and infectious laughter are enough to raise anybody’s spirit!
I asked her about past & present issues, and she was able to accurately answer my queries. I was unexpectedly blessed to have a glimpse into the future! She was then able to connect me to my loved ones on the other side, gotta Love that~
The gift she possesses  is wondrous to experience. 
Her laid-back attitude along with her “tell it like it is“ philosophy, makes this very interactive and pleasurable… Going to say, sometimes, downright funny!  She has quite the sense of humor!  
If you are seeking answers to your questions, this is your go-to person~
Nikky ♥️ [😇] [🙏]

Psychic T is an amazing reader!  I am going though so much right now and I appreciate her straight forward reading style.  Psychic T provides me clear answers to my questions without any judgment.  I will be calling her again for another reading.   Kathy in GA

Little T, what can I say she was spot on!!! Wow no doubt this lady has the spiritual power to reach your loved ones, I can't believe how she knew all this stuff about me or my passed over family especially my sister wow again I'm still up in awe really!!! Your amazing little T and I can't wait for more information from you ... many blessings as you travel this journey and god has blessed you with an amazing gift.... thank you again for your time and such kindness you have for all souls.... love n hugs
Rhoda in Alaska

My reading with psychic Little T was fantastic.  She was right on target with her messages for me, and I thoroughly enjoyed my reading with her.  I will definitely be returning to her for more guidance.

LD in NJ

Little T is an amazing reader. She told my wife and I we were going to get a house. She told us we were going to get it in July. We were due to close July 31. 

Dr. Pete in PA

Hi! I'm so grateful I had the pleasure of receiving a reading from psychic Little T!
Her energy was amazing as she has the gift of connecting with others from the other side when the spirits have messages for you! Her ability to pick up on what the future has for me was spot on with what's going on with me! Her reading for me was like a guide for me clearing the direction I'm being led to move forward into!
Thanks so much T. 

Nancy from GA

​Tammy has been such a tremendous help with my personal struggles and in result has become a dear friend. Her insight is so straightforward and shockingly accurate. I, as well as herself have been blown away on multiple occasions by the tiniest details that always seem to add up in the end. I trust her opinion and advice 100% because she's extremely caring and genuinely wants to help her customers. Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for me.
Jenifer N in NJ

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